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Fishing Responsibly: Our Commitment to Conservation and Respect

At the Forest City Flyfishing Club, we are dedicated not only to enjoying the beauty of our local waterways but also to preserving them for future generations. As such, adherence to all local, provincial, and federal fishing regulations is at the core of our philosophy. Here’s a brief overview of the key regulations and club policies that all members and guests are expected to follow:

Fishing Licenses

All anglers aged 18 to 64 must possess a valid Ontario fishing license, which supports fishery management, habitat restoration, and conservation projects across the province. You can purchase a seasonal or annual license online or at select local retailers. Please visit the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry website for more details and to obtain your license.

Catch and Release

To promote sustainable fishing practices, the Forest City Flyfishing Club encourages catch and release, especially for native species and during spawning seasons. Our club offers workshops on safe handling and release techniques to minimize stress and injury to fish.

Species and Size Limits

Adherence to size and bag limits for various fish species is mandatory, as these regulations are designed to ensure healthy populations. These limits vary by species and sometimes by water body, reflecting the unique ecological needs of each environment.

Useful Links

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